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Git and Github

Matt Gautreau

Bring your laptop to ACM for this one. Its going to be a hands on introduction to git and github. We will use the ACM Homepage Source as an example, so that everyone knows how to contribute.

One person will be leading the walk-through, while experienced members of the club will be meandering around helping anyone who needs it.

In order for us to have a productive meeting, there is some software you need to install before hand.

  1. Go to the git homepage , find your operating system, and follow the instructions to install git.
  2. Go to github and create and account

If you want to read ahead a little (highly encouraged!) check out:

  1. Getting Started with Git
  2. Git Basics

If you have any questions, feel free to email the group and we will do our best to help. Just to remind you, this is the email group

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