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Lightning talks and more. Every Thursday in GS-942 from 7:00PM-8:00PM

Git Workshop (Christopher Chapline)

An introduction to version control with Git

An Introduction to Probability (Dori Steinbach)

This is a talk on some of the probability you need to know for programming...

An introduction to Make a LISP (Chris Chapline)

Make a LISP is a project on github that walks you through a implementation...

An Introduction Embedded Security (Joshua Koike)

Now that processors have become cheap and efficient, everything from your car to your credit...

LISP - A More Civilized Weapon (Chris Chapline)

LISP is a family of programming languages spanning decades that has spawned dozens of incarnations....

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Local events, meet-ups, and more

ACM 2015 First Meeting!

First meeting is in Gould-Simpson 942 at 7:00PM on Thursday, September 10th.

ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition

Come to Gould Simpson 228 Saturday, Nov 1st for programming, fun, and free food!

Google Comes to ACM

Come talk to Google engineers and recruiters at 5:30pm in GS 942. Coffee and snacks provided.

Fall 2014 Kickoff

Come see what ACM is all about and our plans for the semester

ACM Hackathon Signup!

Signup for the ACM Hackathon right now!

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